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Organized in cooperation with IAE Paris Sorbonne Business School, which is the official business school of Paris Sorbonne University, and BMI Business School Istanbul, International Executive MBA Program; is an official Executive Master of Business Administration Program, specially prepared for leading managers and senior executives, that offers a globally valid and recognized degree from  world-wide prestigious Paris Sorbonne University.

It has been designed as Internationally Prestigious Executive MBA Program with its educational content prepared in global academic standards, with its faculty consisting of world-renowned academics from Europe and Turkey, and with the unique executive networking environment that it offers. In addition to lecture sessions, the program includes; experience sharing sessions and seminars with C-level executives and management consultants from leading companies, business simulations and case studies that accompany the courses, leadership / personal development coaching sessions and team practice sessions, in order to provide participants a unique development journey.

Participants who successfully complete the program will be awarded with a globally valid and recognized, highly prestigious official Executive MBA Diploma / Master's Degree from Paris Sorbonne University

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Paris Sorbonne Üniversitesi

About Paris Sorbonne University

University of Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne, one of the most rooted and prestigious universities in the world with its 800-year history, is the most prominent university of France today. Sorbonne University, with more than 40,000 students enrolled, 14 academic departments, hundreds of research institutes and educational units, offers undergraduate, graduate and postgrad education programs especially in the fields of law, political science, economics, business and social sciences.

With its location in the heart of Paris, one of the most important capitals of Europe and the World, Sorbonne University is at the center of a rich international relations network extending to five different continents and continues to play an important role in the development of researchers, academics, lawyers, managers and professionals at global standards. Paris Sorbonne University, where the traditional and the modern intersect, is the leading university in Europe in the fields of Law, International Relations, Social Sciences, Management and Communication. 

About IAE Paris Sorbonne Business School

IAE Paris Sorbonne Business School is the official business school of world-famous Paris Sorbonne University; is an institution specialized in Management and Business sciences since 1956. Research and training are its core activities offering degree-granting programs to Executives and young Professionals. Sorbonne Business School's portfolio includes not only general business training for experienced profiles looking to gain business competences but also specialized MastersPart time tracks have been designed over the years to fit the needs of students who work while studying, making Sorbonne Business School an expert in continuous trainingSorbonne Business School's very active research work enriches programs with innovative approaches providing students with the necessary skills and tools to respond to tomorrow’s challenges.

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Paris Sorbonne Üniversitesi

International Executive MBA Program

International Executive MBA Program; is the official masters degree program of Université Paris 1 - Pantheon Sorbonne offered / located dominantly in Istanbul, in corporation of  IAE Paris Sorbonne Business School & BMI Business School. The program is a delocalized  masters degree program that is already offered in different parts of the world including Paris (France) and Bejing (China), by IAE Paris Sorbonne Business School and its international partners. 

In this respect, this program offers the possibility to follow official Masters Degree program of Paris Sorbonne University, delocalized in Istanbul (Mandarin Oriental Bosphorus), in corporation with BMI Business School Istanbul.

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Program Overview​​


October 2024 - December 2025 (Modules)


Total 18 Months (1.5 Years)


14 Module + Thesis


Paris, Prag, İstanbul


Masters Degree / Executive MBA


University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne

Program Language



Max 30 Participants

Program Objectives

The Sorbonne & BMI International Executive MBA Program is designed to develop senior and mid-level executives of leading companies as business leaders with a strategic and visionary perspective in the face of a rapidly changing global business world and competitive environment, a strong command of current business and management methodologies, and exceptional leadership skills.

International Executive MBA program participants;

  • Conveys the latest knowledge, techniques and methodologies in management science,
  • Provides an up-to-date information set regarding the management of all functions within the institution,
  • Develops competencies in strategic thinking, planning and management, as well as competencies needed for actualization of the strategy
  • Strengthens the communication and leadership skills needed in senior management roles,
  • Strengthens the intuition of future planning, innovative thinking and entrepreneurship with analytical foundations,  
  • Expands his perspective about digital transformation, digital business world and upcoming trends in economy & business,
  • Provides up-to-date information about business world and prepares for upcoming changes, 


Academic and practical knowledge will be presented in a balanced ratio throughout the program, and course contents that focus on successful sector applications and provide perspective on current trends and developments in the business world will be followed. With case studies and analyses based on international standards to be used in the courses, participants will be able to experience, develop, and present the knowledge they have gained both individually and as a team.

Sorbonne & BMI – International Executive MBA provides;

  • Interactive information sharing that balances academic and practical knowledge,
  • Content enhanced with videos, images, statistics, research reports, graphics,
  • Individual and team practice and research studies for experience and skill development,
  • Real-world business problem studies, including international case studies and analysis
  • Experience sharing sessions with business world guest speakers and examining current business world examples,
  • An interactive classroom environment that allows participants to share information and exchange ideas.
  • Individual and group research, project management, presentation skills, and follow-up studies
  • Seminars and coaching sessions for leadership development,
  • The training program accompanied by modular management / business simulations,

Duration & Calendar

Organized in cooperation with Sorbonne & BMI, the International Executive MBA Program allows you to complete an EMBA curriculum at global academic standards in 18 months, with its rich educational content in a modular structure.

During the lecture phase (educational modules) of the program, the participants will devote one week of each month to an intensive lecture week between Wednesday and Sunday, so they will complete a total of 14 educational modules in the program / in a period of 14 months. 2 modules will be held in Paris, 1 module in Prague and 11 modules in Istanbul.

The thesis phase of the program will start with methodology seminars and research studies in the tenth month, and the participants will devote the last 4 months of the program to the preparation of the thesis with their academic advisors. As the last stage of the program, the participants who will present their thesis work in front of an academic jury will thus have completed the master's program. 

Thus, they will have the opportunity to complete a globally valid and recognized business master's degree program in a total of 18 months. 


Participants who successfully complete the program are awarded a master's degree and become official graduates of Université Paris 1 - Pantheon Sorbonne University. The diploma awarded certifies successful completion of a master's degree that is both state-accredited and internationally recognized.

The course hours for the 14 training modules must be completed (28 hours for each module), the exams held at the end of the module must be successfully passed, and the final project / thesis work must be successfully presented in front of the jury. Participants who are entitled to graduate at the end of the 18-month period are entitled to receive their diploma at the graduation ceremony at Paris Sorbonne University in June 2025.


Sorbonne & BMI - International Executive MBA Program content has been enhanced to include the competencies required by today's business world as well as skills that will contribute to the participants' individual development.

The training program consists of 14 training modules that focus on developing business management and leadership skills in the digital age and gaining a holistic management approach. The first 14 months of the program require active participation in course-classes, with the remaining 4 months dedicated to participants' thesis work.

* The calendar and academic staff for the 203 term are subject to change.

Module TimeLocation
Openning Ceremony & NetworkingOctober 2 024İstanbul
Economics for ManagersOctober 2024İstanbul
Introduction to Business & ManagementNovember 2024Paris
Strategic Marketing Management December 2024 İstanbul
 Financial Accounting January 2025İstanbul 
 Strategic Human Resources ManagementFebruary 2025İstanbul 
 Operations & Supply Chain ManagementMarch 2025İstanbul
Management of Information Systems in the Digital Era April 2025İstanbul
 Corporate FinanceApril 2025İstanbul
 Law for ManagersMay 2025İstanbul
Doing Business InternationallyJune 2025Prag
Intercultural ManagementSeptember 2025İstanbul
Managerial Accounting & ControlOctober 2025İstanbul
Strategic Management & OrganizationNovember 2025Paris
Thesis Submission & DefenseMarch 2026İstanbul
Graduation Ceremony May 2026Paris


Prof. Pierre-Yves Lagroue

Operations & Suppy Chain

IAE Paris Sorbonne Business School

Prof. Didier Chabaud

Entrepreneurship & Leadership 

IAE Paris Sorbonne Business School

Prof. Valerie Zeitoun

Strategic Marketing Management 

IAE Paris Sorbonne Business School

Prof. Marion Soulerot

Managerial Accounting

IAE Paris Sorbonne Business School

Prof. Emmanuelle Garbe

Human Resources Management 

IAE Paris Sorbonne Business School

Prof. Simon Porcher

Strategic Management & Organization

IAE Paris Sorbonne Business School

Prof. Kevin Dolgin

Entrepreneurship & Leadership 

IAE Paris Sorbonne Business School

Prof. Emmanuelle Sauvage

Intercultural Management

IAE Bordeaux

Prof. Erdem Başçı

Economics for Managers

Ex. Central Bank Governor

Prof. Alper Yılmaz

Economics for Managers

Koç University

Prof. Erhan Aslanoğlu

Economics for Managers

Piri Reis University

Prof. Metin Ercan

Corporate Finance

Boğaziçi University

Prof. Fatih Yılmaz

Financial Accounting

İstanbul University

Prof. Erdem Büyüksağiş

Law for Managers

Fribourg University

Prof. Franz Werro

Law for Managers

Fribourg University

Prof. Altan Çakır

MIS in the Digital Era

İstanbul Technical University

Weekly Schedule​

The Sorbonne & BMI - International Executive MBA course calendar has been meticulously designed to allow managers to continue their professional careers uninterrupted. Course calendars have been designed with the participants' busy schedules in mind. Classes are only held four days a month, from Wednesday evening to Sunday.

Participants are expected to devote time between classes to research, reading, individual and group project work, business simulation applications, exam and thesis preparation. Each module contains at least 28 hours of lecture time, as well as experience sharing and practice studies.

The weekly schedule includes 28 hours of lectures, a guest speaker session, a networking event, and a module exam/evaluation.

 Wednesday18:00 - 21:00Final Exam of Previous Module
Thursday09:30 - 12:30Lecture - New Module Starts3 Hrs
13:30 - 17:30Lecture4 Hrs
 Friday09:30 - 12:30Lecture3 Hrs
 13:30 - 17:30Lecture4 Hrs
17:30 - 18:30C Level Guest Speaker Session1 Hrs
Saturday09:30 - 12:30Lecture3 Hrs
 13:30 - 17:30Lecture4 Hrs
 Sunday09:30 - 12:30Lecture3 Hrs
 13:30 - 17:30Lecture4 Hrs
TotalFor Each Module32 Hrs

Application Details

Participant Profile

10+ Years of Professional Experience (Ideal Candidate)
2+ Years of Managerial Experience

Successful Academic Background

Who Can Apply?

Senior & Mid-Level Managers
General Managers - Executive Board Members
Leaders of Family Business - Entrepreneurs


0 (212) 273 15 05 - 0 (505) 158 53 31 

Who Can Apply?

Sorbonne & BMI - International Executive MBA is a program designed to provide a unique networking environment for experienced managers looking to advance their careers with an international MBA experience. The ideal candidate has;

  • Successful academic background, 
  • Ideally 10 years of professional experience (Having 2 years of managerial experience)
  • English proficency (There is no need for a document if you completed your undergraduate education in English or if English is your mother tongue.)
  • The commitment, motivation, and eagerness to complete an international MBA program,

To apply to the program, you must first complete the online application form completely.

Application Checklist

To submit an application, you will need to upload all of the required documents below:

  • Online application (See the Application Page),
  • CV/Resume,
  • Motivation letter,
  • Two letters of recommendation (Only names & contact info)
  • Bachelor diplome / undergraduate transcript,
  • English proficency,
  • Photocopy of ID card / passport,
  • Application fee (50€),

Application Process & Interviews

Throughout the year, applications to the program are processed and evaluated as they arrive at our institution. The required documents must be submitted to our institution in order to complete the official application for the program. The selection committee will evaluate applications to the program in order to observe diversity in the participant profile and eligibility in the application conditions, and candidates who are found suitable will be included in the interview process.

Candidates who meet the application requirements are interviewed online on dates set during the application period. During the interview process, in addition to the candidate's motivation and willingness, professional career history, achievements, and post-MBA goals will be evaluated. During the interviews, the candidate may be asked to present various case studies on business management.

Degree Awarded & Alumni Network

Participants who meet the program's attendance requirement of 70%, achieve an average of 70% on the exams specific to each module during the program, and successfully defend their thesis will be awarded an official Executive Master of Business Administration degree from Paris Sorbonne University. Participants will receive an internationally recognized official graduate diploma; with this prestigious and world-renowned master's degree, they will be able to apply to any doctoral program in the country or abroad.

At the same time, program graduates are welcomed into the BMI Alumni Community. In this regard, they can benefit from free workshops, seminars, and events organized exclusively for community members, as well as a one-of-a-kind network and development network that will last a lifetime. Alumni community members can also take advantage of special discounts on all BMI training, conference, and summit programs.

Further Information

For further information about the program you can use the webform below or contact us directly via e-mail or phone.
Once you fill up the below webform; our program consultants will be contacting you as soon as possible.